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This is Evorden

This is Evorden

Hello! and thank you for stopping by. It’s been a whirlwind of a few months since Evorden’s launch (thank you!), and we are excited to be taking a moment to elaborate on our goals for a full service ring boutique that we believe is unlike any other.

Evorden as a brand was a natural extension of our primary brand, Davie & ChiyoThis expansion was on our minds for years before we started working to make our dreams into a reality. This year, on January 1st 2018, what once seemed like nothing more than a hazy apparition on a hot day finally coalesced into something concrete. We decided to focus on creating an incredible ring boutique that prioritizes extremely high quality without sacrificing low price points and seamless customer experience.

Santiago de Hoyos

Photographs by Santiago de Hoyos. Featuring the Cosette Ring and the Rosalie Ring.

We held an in office contest to name the new ring brand (find out why we chose Evorden on our About page!). We bought the domain name for the website. Our business cards were delivered. And just like that, our little team was in business, again. And we could not be happier.

So why did we take up a new sister store? For almost a decade we sold fine jewelry like engagement rings and wedding bands right from D&C—but after all that time, we found it just made sense to create a dedicated space for our ring collections. They are, as you may know already, really robust; in order to best serve customers and match couples with their perfect rings, we knew that we needed a place to allow our collections, relationships, and expertise continue to grow.

Here’s the rest of the story.

Evorden’s ethos

The central pillar of our business model is to always go above and beyond. This idea comes up in almost every sphere of life at large, but for Evorden, it is especially important to a few key areas: our ethical sourcing and production, our dedication to beauty, and our relationships.

We are very proud to offer ethically sourced diamonds, including Canadian Diamonds, branded CanadaMark™. These diamonds are mined and processed within Canada. This is a huge part of our dedication to the respectful treatment of people and planet. Our team is located in Vancouver, and all of our production takes place within the city under the careful guidance of our master jeweller, Himi.

Santiago de Hoyos

Photographs by Santiago de Hoyos. Featuring the Islene Ring, the Cora Ring, and the Geneviève Ring.

Our dedication to beauty brings us back to the idea of the perfect ring. It exists, trust us. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking (or ask us about custom designs—sometimes bespoke really is the only option)! Our master jeweller and designer works with our team of designers to create beautiful, timeless designs that we think are unlike anything else on the market. We work in a variety of stones, like moissanite and morganite, as well as vintage gems and other precious stones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby. These options ensure everyone can find precisely the rings they’re looking for—no compromises necessary.

The real reason we are in this business at all is because of the amazing people we meet along the way, and the incredible moments we have been lucky to facilitate over the years. Whether it’s a wedding day veil or hair piece (D&C’s specialty), or the ring that marks the beginning of a long, happy life united—we are beyond grateful to be here, offering our wares to you. Our customers are our friends: we want your partner to say yes. We want the ring to fit perfectly. We want that stone to shine like you have always hoped it would. And we will do everything that we can to ensure that your rings are absolutely perfect. It’s our pleasure, really!

Santiago de Hoyos

Photographs by Santiago de Hoyos. Featuring a soon-to-be released beauty from our new collection and the Aveline Ring.

Evorden’s mission

Evorden’s primary mission is to connect couples with their perfect engagement rings and wedding bands. We’re here for consultations and questions the second you decide your partner is the one. We work to provide stress-free communication and customer service to ensure that purchasing and caring for your ring could not be any easier. In this vein, we offer a variety of in house care and services to keep your ring in tip top shape forever. Literally.

We also think that education is such an important part of purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band. Over the coming months, we will be publishing comprehensive guides to our favourite gemstones, tips and tricks for the buying process (like how to figure out their ring size, very secretly!), and sharing important lessons we’ve learned over the years.

We’re excited to have embarked on this new journey, and we hope you’ll join us! We love nothing more than receiving photos from customers of their new fiancé(e) wearing the ring of their dreams—so let’s make that dream come true!


Jaime Santana

Beautiful rings. Love the delicate simplicity of them!


I am so excited to see the evolution of this blog. It will be great to get some education on the gemstones and the buying process. Can’t wait!

Marley Partain

I found this page after seeing Allie and Sam, one of my favorite instagram couples, choose each other’s engagement rings from this site! I love that these designs are simple, yet so elegant. Would definitely keep you guys in mind when shopping for my future wife :)

Alex Rae

It is truly so refreshing that you are people centered. It’s beautiful that you are striving to work with everyone and anyone (stones too!) You are on a wonderful track!!


I love how original the designs of the rings are. It’s looks classic and sophisticated.

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