We are happy to provide the following services in-house at Evorden. As with all beautiful things in life, jewellery requires maintenance to keep each piece in perfect condition. The first resizing following the purchase of a ring is complementary, and one cleaning and polishing is complementary if redeemed within 12 months of the purchase date. Please note that all in-house services are subject to applicable taxes and shipping fees.

General Services

Appraisal $64.00 CAD
Cleaning / Polishing $40.00 CAD
Rhodium Plating $40.00 CAD
Prong Tightening $60.00 CAD


Resizing (Yellow & Rose Gold):

Resizing Down $54.00 CAD
Resizing Up (1-2 sizes) $54.00 CAD
Resizing Up (3+ sizes) $126.00 CAD

Resizing (White Gold):

Resizing Down $84.00 CAD
Resizing Up (1-2 sizes) $84.00 CAD
Resizing Up (3+ sizes) $158.00 CAD

Please note that it is not possible to resize full-eternity rings. Because of the diamonds inlaid all the way around the band, the ring would need to be re-made in the correct size.

Stone Security

Resetting Centre Stone $116.00 CAD
Resetting Small Accent Stone $32.00 CAD

Please note this service price is for resetting one stone. It does not include the purchase cost of the stone(s).

Should your centre stone or accent stones become loose in their setting, we recommend immediately removing your ring until you can take it to a jeweller to have the stones reset and prongs tightened.


Full Work-Up $250.00 CAD

This service includes cleaning of all stones, polishing and touching up of gold, tightening of prongs, and re-securing of all stones. Great for a ring that may have been neglected for a few years or that underwent more than average wear and tear over a span of time.

Upcycle Your Jewellery

We love to upcycle and recycle materials, such as used and broken jewellery, as part of our commitment to ethically made and sustainable goods. We are happy to take a look at your pieces, to determine if we are able to use the materials for future pieces.

Additional Services

Our services also include fixing broken jewellery pieces, such as broken chain, missing clasps, and lost stones. Please make an appointment with our lead jeweller to receive a quote.
You can request an appointment by emailing
If you have any questions about these services please get in touch! We will be very happy to assist you.


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