What is included with a purchase of an Evorden engagement ring?

Ring Box 

Your ring(s) will come in a classic black velvet ring box. 


The appraisal that comes with your engagement ring details the estimated retail value of the ring. Before wear, we highly recommend that you have your ring insured, in case of theft, damage, or loss. Rings priced at $1000 or less will not include an appraisal. 


We are happy to offer one complimentary ring resizing. Visit us in studio to have your finger sized, or if you are not local to Vancouver, send the ring back to us with size information and we will resize it for you. (Please note we are not able to cover the costs of shipping or taxes and fees that may incur when shipping across borders.)

Further resizings will cost a slight fee, as well as the cost of shipping. Please note that full eternity bands (bands with small diamonds all the way around) cannot be resized.

Ring Cleaning

We are happy to offer one complimentary polishing and cleaning of your ring within 12 months of the initial purchase date. Polishing involves cleaning and shining the stones and metals. We will also ensure the stones are all still securely set. There is nothing we love more than a perfectly polished engagement ring, and we would love to restore your ring to the shine it had the day you purchased it!

To keep your ring sparkling like new (everyday!), you can clean it regularly from home as well. All you need is a very soft toothbrush, mild soap, and lukewarm water. Be sure to get under those stones—that is what really makes your ring shine!

Accent Stone Maintenance

Throughout the lifetime of a ring, the smallest of accent stones can become dislodged. If any of your band or halo accent stones (1.5mm size or smaller) become loose or lost within 12 months of purchasing your ring, we would be happy to replace and reset the stone. Just get in touch!