Receiving and Caring For Your Ring

Once your ring has arrived in the mail, there are a few steps you should undertake before popping the question or exchanging your rings at the altar. Namely, you should make sure that your ring is perfect for you and adequately protected! 

SAFE ARRIVAL Your first task is to open up your ring package and make sure that the ring inside is indeed the one you ordered! You should also take a look to make sure the ring was not damaged during delivery. Both of these potential problems are extremely unlikely to occur, but it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially with such an important purchase.

INSURANCE We absolutely always recommend that you get the entire cost of your ring insured. This might seem like an unnecessary or cost prohibitive precaution to take, but imagine the worst case scenario: one day, while doing dishes, you forget to take off your ring—and it disappears, effortlessly and without sound, down the drain forever. Or while travelling, your ring is stolen from your hotel room safe. Even though you love your ring, it is so easy to misplace, and so devastating to lose. The only thing that soothes the upset of a lost engagement or wedding ring is the knowledge that another one will be on the way promptly.  

If the ring that you purchased cost more than $800, the ring will have arrived with an appraisal. You can take this appraisal to get the ring insured. You may be able to insure your ring as part of your home or rental insurance, so look into this while deciding! 

SIZING We are absolutely happy to resize your ring for you (just drop us a line!). We offer one ring sizing for free, excluding shipping costs. There will be a small cost associated with additional sizings, along with shipping fees. 

If you are local to Vancouver, and would like help finding your fit, please book an appointment with our ring specialist here. If you are out of town, your local jeweller of choice will also be able to help determine your fit. 

Please note that some rings, such as eternity bands (a ring with diamonds embedded around the entire edge), are extremely difficult to resize: this means we cannot offer a free resizing and the cost of resizing is likely to be higher. Please contact us for a quote and we will be happy to assist you.

CLEANING To keep your ring sparkling like new, you should clean it regularly. The good news is cleaning your rings is easy: all you need is a very soft toothbrush, mild soap, and lukewarm water. Be sure to get under those stones—that's what really makes your ring shine!

POLISHING Even if you are perfectly prompt and regular with cleanings, it's still necessary to occasionally have your ring polished and checked for the security of your stones. How frequently you have your ring polished is up to you: some couples might visit a jeweller once a year, some might only polish their rings every few years—it's all personal preference. Your local jeweller can polish your ring, or you can mail it to us for polishing as well.

RHODIUM PLATING White gold is created when nickel is added to yellow gold. This means that the ring won't be purely white or colourless. For this reason, all white gold rings are rhodium plated to get that perfect silver-white high shine look. With everyday wear and regular care, rhodium plating will last 2-3 years without fading. Beyond that point, you might notice a dullness to your ring's shine. All you need to do is visit your local jeweller to have them plate the ring again with rhodium. You can also mail your ring back to us and we will happily take care of the plating for you, just get in touch!