About Us

Evorden is a fine jewellery boutique based in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in custom engagement rings, unique wedding bands, and a carefully curated selection of vintage rings. We cultivate modern collections for the ethically-minded, offering quality, locally-crafted jewellery and exceptional service at a sensible cost.


The Team

HIMI  Co-Owner, Production Coordinator, Goldsmith

FUMI  |  Co-Owner, Operations Coordinator

APRIL  |  General Manager

DAISY  |  Lead Creative Coordinator and Designer, Customer Service Specialist

SANTANA  |  Customer Service Specialist, Graphic Design 

CRAIG  |  CAD Technologist

The History

After three years of selling beautiful and impeccably made engagement rings and wedding bands at Davie & Chiyo, owners and founders Alisa, Fumi, and Himi decided to expand the fine jewellery aspect of the business. In late 2017, Evorden was founded: finally, a spot to give our rings the care and attention they deserve. 

With the establishment of Evorden as a brand, with an online store as well as a storefront nestled within Davie & Chiyo in Vancouver, we are excited to bring the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands to more couples than ever before. Evorden is designed to be a personal, intimate shopping experience to ensure that each couple is just as sure of and in love with their rings as they are with each other.

From our solitaires made with Canadian diamonds, to our diamond alternative gemstone rings, to our one of a kind vintage rings, we seek to meet the specific wants of every couple and every budget. Above all, with every unique ring we design, we choose to facilitate ethical sourcing, production, and community building—and we keep everything local, right here in Vancouver. 


The Legacy

The name Evorden is derived from our hometown history. Captain George Vancouver was a British Officer of the Royal Navy who, in the 1790s, explored and charted the pacific northwest coast of North America. It was Captain Vancouver for whom Vancouver would come to be named. Three generations prior to the Captain's explorations, his family name was shortened to Vancouver from van Coevorden. The van Coevordens were a noble family from the Netherlands—and in his exploration, the Captain never forgot his lineage. He first named Vancouver Island "Coevorden Island", and our hometown eponymously, before the name was again changed to mirror his contemporaneous last name.

After a lot of debate and consideration (we even held a contest in the office to gather suggestions), we decided this name perfectly captured the elegant feel of the brand but also paid ample homage to the heritage of the beautiful seaside town we are so lucky to call home. 


Davie & Chiyo

Davie & Chiyo was founded in 2008 as a pet project for Vancouver sisters Fumi and Himi. One a recent business school graduate and the other a stay‐at­‐home mom, both with a passion for all things handmade. Naturally, the sisters teamed up to collaborate. Beginning with a small gift shop on Etsy selling handmade pouches and purses, it wasn't long before the sisters found themselves specializing in custom, one-of-a-kind clutches for every member of the bridal party. “We had never really planned on working in the bridal market," Fumi says, "it really found us.”

Fast-forward nine years and what was once a single sewing machine operation has grown into a multi-machine studio, with a fast growing team of artisans dedicated to their craft. Davie & Chiyo prides itself on the individual hand-craftsmanship of each of piece and the use of locally sourced materials wherever possible. Over the past nine years, the Davie & Chiyo team has grown into a family, and the joys of working in the bridal market make every new product and every appointment or sale an exciting moment for everyone.

Davie & Chiyo's ultra-­feminine collections boast lush silks, decadent beading, airy chiffons, ruffles, lace, and is defined by its remarkable craftsmanship. Far beyond clutches, Davie & Chiyo's offerings now include lines of classic, beautiful bridal accessories and sumptuous wedding gowns that are chosen by brides from all over the world every single day.

Shop Davie & Chiyo's newest collections here.



We are very excited to be opening Evorden's very own website! For the last three years, our rings have been reviewed over at Davie & Chiyo. If you're curious to see what others have thought about the ring you have your eye on, for the time being, feel free to check out those reviews until there are more here!