Upcycle Your Jewellery

At Evorden, we take great pride in providing a product that is both ethical and sustainable.  From start to finish, we only use suppliers that are known for their outstanding reputation and certified ethical practices.


All diamonds are sourced with the GIA certification and are guaranteed to have been sourced and cut in line with UN regulated guidelines for ethical and sustainable practices.


Our gemstones are sourced from reputable suppliers that have strict guidelines that verify compliance across all regulations.  


We are always looking for unused and/or broken jewellery that can be repurposed into new designs, as we love to upcycle and recycle materials as part of our commitment to ethically made and sustainable goods. We are happy to take a look at your pieces to determine if we are able to use the materials for future pieces. Please book an appointment with our lead jeweller by emailing hello@evorden.com.

The Bottom Line:  

Our suppliers and sources all comply with all laws and government regulations as they apply to the Canadian jewellery industry.  We have the pleasure of collaborating with some outstanding members of the jewelry community and we continue to strive for sustainable, ethical practices.