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The Production Process

All of our rings (save for our vintage rings, of course!) are produced in Vancouver by our highly skilled team of local artisans and jewellers. This is how your ring comes to life.
Rings are designed with a CAD software (a 3D rendering program). When the "blue print" of the design is ready, we use a 3D printer to create a wax mockup. Using this mockup, a mold is created. This mold is essentially a 'negative' of the ring. 
The metals used for rings are often received as rounded crumbs, called casting, or rolling grain. We purchase these by the gram. The casting grains are heated until they liquefy, and are then poured into the aforementioned mold, where the metal solidifies.
The casted ring then goes through a series of sanding and polishing processes. It takes about 48 hours to bring the ring to a high shine. 
Next, the stones are set: one by one, carefully, perfectly. The prongs of the casted ring are bent over the stones to hold them securely in place.
The ring is polished one last time, and then it is shipped out to you for your big day! 


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