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What ring matches best with your zodiac sign?

What ring matches best with your zodiac sign?

No, it's just us, not Buzzfeed. But let's be real. We've all got Co-star popping up on our phones every morning. Millennials, it is said, look to poetry and the zodiac to find any modicum of reason, logic, or explanation to the way the world is presently. So when Co-star tells me to watch my back, you can bet I do. And I bet you do too!

So there's really no reason not to entertain the idea that our astrological signs might have an affinity with certain aesthetics or certain sorts of objects, just as we ascribe them responsibility for our other behaviours and preferences. We're a super hardworking team—and yes, there are a ton of Capricorns in the office.

So we thought it would be a fun experiment to see which engagement ring best stacks up to the four groups of the zodiac: fire, air, earth, and water. 

Buckle up, y'all, 'cuz we're about to learn about ourselves.

Fire signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The fire signs are the people we all need in our lives. They are spontaneous, inspirational, intuitive, and so, so passionate. They bring out these qualities in the people that surround them, and for that reason, are fantastic enablers; don't be surprised if you wind up with an unplanned tattoo after a night out with a fire sign.

Fire signs tend to alight easily, and as such are considered quick to temper, and a bit unpredictable. That's the worst of it though—because otherwise, they are the absolute life of the party. For others, basking in their glow is not unlike huddling around the warmth of a literal fire: they illuminate everyone around them. 

We think the best engagement ring for a fire sign, then, is Eliana.

Vancouver sun stone engagement ring

With its rich and unexpected sunstone and super modern baguette diamond accoutrements, this ring is all about passion, dynamism, and excitement. No need for tradition here: fire burns fast and bright.

Water signs

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Water signs are incredibly sensitive, attuned, empathetic people. They can pick up on a mood shift from a mile away, and can shift to complement just about any energy in the room. Among their best qualities is their imagination—theirs is unparalleled, and water signs can often be found daydreaming, or planning lofty goals.

These are folks who thrive in moderate solitude, needing time away to restore their boundaries and senses of self. Their incredible attunements to the people around them mean they can wind up shouldering the burdens of others, and as such, are well balanced by sensitive fire signs. 

For water signs, the most loving and sensitive of the bunch, we recommend the Adah, or the Juniper. Adah balances ethereality with a light-hearted appeal to whimsicality, while Juniper's incredible oval sapphire centre stone calls up the literal depths, signifying good health and emotional wellbeing. 

Vancouver Sapphire Engagement Ring

Earth signs

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Earth signs are driven by their senses. They are always seeking truth, rationality, and proof for the things they are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. For this reason, they are excellent when it comes to pragmatism, productivity, and management. They are very "earthy" in the sense that they are firmly rooted to reality. Unlike their water sign counterparts, imagination not only does not come easily to them—it seems wasteful.

Earth signs make excellent complements to bull-headed fire signs, who can be unaware of others' feelings. Earth signs give shape to those with rambunctious passions, and can easily shuttle a project from ideation to fruition. 

They are practical, to the point, and love a nice, clean edge. 

For earth signs, we love the Greta Ring. With her show stopping centre stone and super pragmatic low profile, this bezel set beauty is perfect for the modern woman with way too much on her plate. 

Air signs

Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

Air signs are the opposite of airheads. These are true intellectuals; those who handle the ins and outs of abstract reasoning very well. They love meeting and talking with new people and exchanging ideas in an unending journey for more knowledge. 

This sign is the most empathetic and reasonable of all the triplicities, capitalizing on their ability to deal abstractly to really hear people out. They, like earth signs, need to see and work things through themselves, and won't take another's word for something that seems far fetched.

But at the same time, their inventiveness and creativity makes these folks some of the most interesting people to talk to.

For air signs, we vote for the Maeve Ring. Maeve's super dynamic and modern rose cut salt and pepper diamond makes her fit right in with the most abstract concepts—unique, curious people deserve unique and curious delights. Maeve is also minimal enough to not overshadow the amazing intellectual feats of the air sign. 

Well?? Was our reading way off or spot on? Let us know below!

xox Evorden

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