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6 popular engagement ring styles for the clueless shopper

6 popular engagement ring styles for the clueless shopper

Ring shopping can be intimidating. There's a lot to consider: setting, stone, and metal have to come together into the perfect ring that still matches your budget. It's not easy! We always recommend lots of window shopping in the early stages of looking for your perfect ring, but it can be difficult to begin sorting through all of the options available to you. 

To aid in your search, below is a list we have compiled of the most popular ring styles for 2019 according to our own sale data. This list is not exhaustive, but the styles featured here reflect the types of rings which are most frequently purchased from Evorden. Even with the customizations each person adds to the ring they purchase, a few key trends have begun to emerge. Hopefully, these six popular engagement ring styles will help you begin to narrow down your search—from considering every kind of ring in the world, to looking more closely at three stones, or haloes, for example. 

Just remember: eliminating rings you don't like is just as productive as noting ones that you do like. Start with a wide net, and begin to narrow down your choice from there!


Three stone engagement rings

Photos feature the Adah Ring, Chloe Ring, and S. Kind Co.

Three stone rings

Three stone engagement rings are a classic choice. However, their timeless appeal doesn't mean they haven't changed over the years: a three stone in 2019 might feature a more dynamic centre stone, such as our newer, best selling Adah Ring, or have a more bespoke, handmade look, like the consistently popular Chloe. The first stone stands for the past, the centre represents the present, and the last stone stands for the future. We love the idea of your engagement ring clearly embodying a shared mantra or goal, namely, to learn from and treasure your past, to make the most of your present, and to enjoy your long future together. Needless to say, this style of ring is one of our favourites. 


Solitaire engagement rings

Photos feature Consider the Wldflwrs, L Priori Jewelry, and our Kate Ring.

Classic solitaire

You can't go wrong with a solitaire. A solitaire ring is what most people first think of when considering engagement rings: it refers to a ring with only one stone. The Kate Ring features a six prong setting to keep your stone secure, and is perfect for someone with that prefers refined, sophisticated jewelry. The solitaire is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings, and we recommend this for just about anyone—it is effortless elegance encapsulated. Because of its timeless appeal, the solitaire will also never go out of style—but you can modernize it or personalize it by bringing in an unexpected stone or band. 


Halo engagement rings

Photos feature the Elodie Ring, Islene Ring, and a gorgeous ring from Pinterest whose maker we couldn't find! Sad face! 

Halo rings

Halo rings were made for people that love extra sparkle. More than a centre stone, even more than a three stone—haloes literally encircle the centre stone in a dramatic (and shiny) ring of a dozen diamonds. The cost of halo rings will reflect this extravagance, but if your budget allows for it and your partner loves to be the centre of attention, this is the ring for you. We love to modernize halo rings by placing unexpected centre stones, as in the Islene Ring, which features a gorgeous pale aquamarine centre (and an eternity band—Islene is exclusively about that sparkle). 


Photos featuring the Mendes Ring, the Flores Ring, and Pinterest.


Vintage rings have made a huge comeback in recent years, and there are a few great reasons to consider buying vintage for your partner. The first is cost: many vintage rings are imbued with decades of charm but a more modest price tag. You can have stones and bands buffed and cleaned, and the ring will look brand new. The second, which we think is really important, is that vintage rings are effectively one of a kind. When you find a vintage ring that you love, it will be only yours—and unlike other mass produced rings you might find at a big jeweller chain, your partner will never encounter someone else with the same ring. If you cross paths with a one of a kind vintage or handmade ring that you feel encapsulates your relationship, that is a very serendipitous occasion and in our opinion, is really special. 


Coloured stone engagement rings

Photos feature our Maeve Ring, the Eva Ring, and the Rianne Ring.

Coloured stones

For fashionistas or folks with an extra bit of flair, we love engagement bands with an unexpected centre stones. To our delight, rings such as our Maeve, with its black pepper centre stone, have been some of our best sellers in recent months. We love the capacity these rings have to embody the uniqueness of your partner. The other bonus, with many unexpected stones like emeralds or opals, the price tag is often lower than most traditional brilliant white diamonds. 


Unique cut stone engagement ring

Photos feature the Daisy Ring, the Mathilde Ring, and the Cypres Ring.

Uniquely cut stones

In kind with unexpected coloured stones, we love rings and centre stones with an unexpected shape! These pair especially well with custom made wedding bands for a complex but complete look. Rings like our Daisy Ring have been very popular since we released the design, and we think it's perfect for people that want to make a statement with their jewelry (or people that love The Great Gatsby, which we get). More unique shapes include pear, marquise, oval, emerald cut, hexagon, or clusters of stones. Unexpected stone shapes pair really well with other more intricate ring elements, like halos or eternity bands, but we also love them as solitaires. 

If after taking a look at these photos, you've got an inclination one way or the other, listen to that intuition. On our website, you can sort engagement rings by type, including some of the categories listed here. Alternatively, hit up Pinterest, which is always a fantastic resource. You can see Evorden's engagement ring board here, and Davie & Chiyo's board here.

What do you think? Have you noticed any other big trends this year? Would you ever consider a coloured centre stone?

xo Evorden

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