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Oval engagement rings are having a moment

Oval engagement rings are having a moment

Oval engagement rings are totally having a moment. Though, to be fair, this trend has been in full swing for a few years now. These big, opulent facets that capture light in a totally different way than princess or round cut centre stones have captured the hearts of thousands of couples all over the world, and we are so here for it. 

So what's the deal with oval cut stones, and what do you need to know before buying one? 

Oval cut bezel set engagement ring

Featuring our beautiful Greta Ring.

What is an oval cut?

An oval cut stone is what it sounds like—shaped like an oval. But there's much more to it than that! The oval is considered a "fancy" cut, and its beautiful, elongated shape will make it seem much larger than other cuts at a comparable carat weight. This is an excellent way to capitalize on a smaller carat weight stone but with a higher clarity or a more colourless stone. 

Beautiful oval solitaire engagement ring

Peep the facets on our Adah Ring!

What's so special about oval cut facets?

Oval cut stones have a more elongated table, which is the flat facet on the top of the stone. This—contrary to round diamonds, for example—can actually make the stone look clearer, rather than dense with sparkle. Hang on now, because this is not at all a bad thing. A diamond especially is generally considered to valued more highly when it is almost silver with sparkle, caused by light reflecting throughout the shorter facets. A wider table and longer facets, found also in emerald and baguette cut stones, creates a look which is defined by its smoothness, is consistency, and its clarity. 

Trust us when we say that the effect of these facets is nothing short of sublime.

Emerald dark sapphire oval engagement ring

Bring in some sumptuous colour with our Amelia Ring.

What is the history of oval cut rings?

Oval cut rings have been around for centuries! According to The Diamond Pro, they first appeared (in some form!) in the 1300s. However, they weren't mentioned in literature until the 1800s, and the mechanism to create them was not perfected until 1957 by a Russian diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan! His technique is still what diamond cutters use to create that beautiful oval shape today.

What kind of engagement ring suits an oval stone the best?

Although oval cut stones are super versatile, we recommend a pared back setting to showcase the beauty of the stone itself. This means, generally, a slightly raised setting with either four or six prongs, allowing for maximum light in through the sides of the diamonds while still ensuring security. 

Although, we have been loving the ultra-modern and minimalist look of a bezel set oval stone, shown above!

Morganite oval engagement ring

Our morganite Genevieve Ring and Fleur Ring.

Which wedding bands suit oval stones the best?

Choosing a wedding band to go with a beautiful oval stone is tough (as though it weren't tough to begin with!). The bottom line—as it always is when wedding band shopping—is that the right ring is the one that makes your heart beat faster. So trust yourself. 

For oval stones, however, we do have a few favourites. Eternity bands, for example, are textured enough to create a real sense of complementary variation between the two rings. So even if they don't nestle perfectly, it will feel like they're not exactly meant to. 

We also love wavy or twisted bands for the same reason. But if you're in the mood for something more traditional, go for a classic wedding band either just a little thicker or a little thinner than the band of the engagement ring to set it off perfectly. 

So while this cut might seem trendy, it truly finds its roots over seven hundred years ago, and is just as versatile as a round cut! Be sure to consider ovals as you do your engagement ring shopping.

More questions? Let us know below!

xo Evorden

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