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Why you need to have two First Looks

Why you need to have two First Looks

We've all seen it: maybe even more emotional than the first kiss, the first dance, maybe even the proposal itself is the First Look. This is a photographer's secret weapon—when you, a bride, walk over to your future husband, all done up in his suit, and tap him on the shoulder. We get the beautiful silhouettes and anticipation conjured in those first few photos, and then, the moment: he turns, he sees you, and he loses it. 

Those photos of his face and yours—as he tears up and you giggle, as he reaches for you to give you a hug and a kiss, as you wipe his single tear off his cheek—are worth a million bucks. They will, we promise, be more important to you and more emblematic of that ecstatic moment of love than your first kiss photos will be. 


Meghan Bustard Vancouver Wedding Accessories

Photo by Meghan Bustard of D&C Bride Kat.

But this isn't the only first look photo that you need to arrange with your photographer. And we mean it, you need this second set up.

Have you watched Iliza Shlesigner's Unveiled on Netflix? Its a stand-up special that Shlesinger wrote after getting married, and the bulk of the material is related to the hilarity and absurdity that can come with wedding planning. (Why cover the brides face? Why does the bride walk so slowly? This pace is rarely found "independent of a haunting," Shlesinger says. We LOL'd. She's right.)

Shlesinger ends on a great piece about bachelorette parties. 

"I had about four or five women with me, and I know I should have been just like going crazy and getting drunk and having a crazy time, but I'm a sentimental person, and I'm a thinker," she says in her special. "And I was looking at these girls, these women, some of whom I was related to, the rest of whom I've known my entire life."

"I've seen relationships come and go, and jobs, and heartbreak, and death, and all of the landmarks and all of the tings that make us human, and I realized that we had all been single—we had all been on a journey together—and for me, that part of my journey with them stopped that night. That chapter of my life was closed that night."

So who is your second First Look for? Your girls. Your bridal party. Your MOH and bridesmaids that have been there with you from the very beginning. They've heard you complain about planning your wedding, about all the dumb things your partner has done or that you've done; they've provided counsel, and love, and undying commitment to your friendship. They were your people before your partner was in the picture, and they will be with you for the rest of your life. 

Photo from SMP.

Walking around the corner on a garden path, all done up for your wedding, to a private reveal with just your girls, is a great way to say to them hey, this new chapter is all happening because of you, and I don't know where I would be without you.

So you know what you get when you do a First Look with them? A photograph that gives your partner's First Look a real run for its money. 

We told you! You need to have two first looks.

xo Evorden

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