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In favour of matching best friend rings

In favour of matching best friend rings

If you're like us, you've grown up with some amazing girlfriends. They're your gals, your pals, your "ride or dies," as the kids say. Whether you've known them since birth or just for a few years, these are the girls that will stand next to you on your wedding day. They made you who you are, and you shaped them, as well. Without them, your life would be totally different.

But life is good, in part because of them! 

Getting married, in some ways, marks an end. While it represents the beginning of your married life with your partner, it firmly closes the door on who you were before you got married, or before you started dating your now- or soon-to-be-spouse. That's just the way it is: when you get married, things are different.

So! This leads us to the point of this post. Your girls rival your spouse in how much you love them (let's just be honest about that). 

This is why we are deeply in favour of friendship rings.

Signet rings are perfect for best friends

Not unlike wearing a family heirloom locket or signet ring, picking up matching bands for you and your girls ties you together forever. The ring still means the same thing: it means continuity, connectedness, and infinity. Don't you feel that same way about your girls?

This ring shouldn't detract from your engagement ring, or your wedding band—they shouldn't even look the same. Think about something like our Signet Ring, or a thin Flat Edge. Wear them on your middle finger of your left hand, or a pointer finger, in tandem with your wedding jewelry, for a clear representation of who is important to you.

Beyond matching earrings or necklaces, matching rings represent a promise to your girls, to always be there for them. Because, after all, you are soulmates. Just of another sort. 

xo Evorden

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