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A Guide to Wedding Band Pairings

A Guide to Wedding Band Pairings

Once you have your dream engagement ring, the planning stage of your special day begins. With this, comes a series of seemingly never-ending decisions to be made about your wedding.  From researching venues, to cake tastings, to selecting the perfect dress, one important detail that is often left longer than it should be is selecting the right wedding bands. Your wedding bands are a symbol of your love and commitment, so it's worth it to take the time to find a pairing that feels like ‘you.’ Your perfect band will stay true to your personal style and complements your engagement ring. In this guide, we will explore different wedding band pairings, and more importantly, we will analyze what makes each one a great bridal set.

Winona Ring & Skye Band

Consider the stone shapes present in the design of your engagement ring. Choose a wedding band that echoes these shapes to achieve a cohesive, intentional bridal set. For instance, consider the stones in the Winona Ring: an east-west set rectangular (emerald-cut) centre stone, and two round brilliant-cut accent diamonds. The emerald centre stone unequivocally draws the eye first. Primarily, due to its vibrant green colour. Additionally, the gemstone is bezel-set, meaning that it is held by a continuous band of metal, which creates a secure and visually striking framing effect. By choosing the smaller, round accent diamonds to echo in the wedding band, this will allow for a more balanced pairing, as the emerald centre stone is already so prominent in the ring design. 

Since we chose the round accent diamonds as the shape to echo in our wedding band pairing, a round diamond eternity band sounds like the perfect fit. However, it is the fine details of each ring’s composition that make a large impact on the overall look of the set. Evorden has multiple styles in our regular collection that fit the “round diamond eternity band” description: Capella, Fae, Ondine, and Skye. These bands all have their own fine details that make them unique from each other. Any one of these bands might look gorgeous with the Winona, but I think the Skye Band is the perfect pairing. 

The Skye Band features a partial eternity of round brilliant-cut diamonds, held in place by only one prong, creating the illusion that each stone is floating in place.  The graceful omission of the top and bottom prong mimics the east-west setting of the Winona Ring’s centre stone. It is these fine details that create a sense of unity between the two designs.

Inaya Ring & Baguette Contour Band

Many engagement rings do not have a raised setting to accommodate a straight wedding band, but have no fear, this is where our contour styles come in handy! Our Inaya Ring features a rose-cut oval white sapphire in a chunky bezel setting, with two complementary rose-cut diamonds prong-set on either side. The rose-cut stones have a unique, glass-like quality, as they have far fewer facets to reflect light than a brilliant-cut stone. Due to the low-profile of this design, a straight wedding band is unable to sit flush against it, resulting in a significant gap between the two rings. A band with a contour to accommodate the curve of the centre stone is an ideal solution for this gapping.  

Evorden offers a variety of these contour wedding band styles, ranging from minimal contours with no stones, to our more dramatic crown-style bands.  Each of these designs is gorgeous in its own right; however, I think the Baguette Contour Band is the optimal pairing for the Inaya Ring. This band features seven, evenly spaced baguette-cut diamonds set in a gentle, curved band. The baguette-cut diamonds have minimal faceting, making them reflect less light, which gives them a more subtle sparkle. This works beautifully with the rose-cut, window-esque stones present in the Inaya Ring, as they are complementary without upstaging the engagement ring.


Aveline Ring & Chevron Band

One thing to consider is the versatility of your wedding band, as you may end up wearing it more often than your engagement ring! Our Aveline Ring is the epitome of subtlety and sophistication. This ring design features a lustrous pearl centre stone, accented with clusters of three petite brilliant-cut diamonds on either side that create an elegant tapering effect. This minimal design deserves a band that is equally beautiful but won't upstage it. Similar to the Inaya Ring, the Aveline requires a contour style band in order for the set to sit flush.

With these things in mind, I think the Chevron Band is the perfect pairing for the Aveline Ring. The Chevron Band pictured above features nine petite diamonds set in a 1.5mm band. This band is dainty enough to not upstage the engagement ring, and yet the petite diamonds add just enough sparkle to keep things visually interesting and feminine. Another great detail is that the diamonds on the band line up exactly where the diamond cluster accents end on the engagement ring, making this bridal set look intentional and cohesive.

The Chevron band is highly versatile; It pairs beautifully with an engagement ring, but it also can be worn just as well on its own. In contrast, some contour styles can tend to look incomplete when worn by themselves. The Chevron, with its subtle 'V' shape, has a delicate, elongating effect on the finger, without it looking like something is missing. If you are unable to wear your engagement ring to work, or if you often partake in activities where its best to leave your engagement ring at home, the Chevron band is an excellent option. 

 Want to see a specific wedding band pairing from our collection? Comment below and we'll be sure to feature it over on our instagram: @evordenjewellery

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