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12 statement engagement rings your fiancé(e) will adore

12 statement engagement rings your fiancé(e) will adore

There are many great reasons to keep engagement rings minimal or classic. You want them to stand the test of time, to never go out of style, and to continue to suit your partner's tastes for the rest of time. It's a bit of a tall order, when we phrase it like that! The one ultimate piece of advice that we can offer is to let yourself be guided by the kind of person that you are buying for. If your partner is a classic sophisticate with very fine, minimal tastes, a solitaire is probably for you. If your partner loves bright colours, fashion, and trying new things, or if your romance is a quirky, eccentric lovefest, maybe your engagement ring should reflect those traits. It can be intimidating trying to purchase an engagement ring, but you should never shy away from extravagant or unexpected options just because they are a little crazier than what most people would purchase.

This is just about you two, and your engagement ring should make a statement about your relationship—so here are 12 of our favourite statement making engagement rings that your fiancé(e) will love.

Try a dynamic coloured stone

Statement stone colour

Photos by Terrilynn Warren Photography featuring our Mia Ring, by Popsugar, and from EidelPrecious.

Have you considered a non-diamond engagement ring? Even if you love the look of a diamond, moissanite or lab grown diamonds make for an unexpected twist and allow for a bigger stone because they are less expensive. But the fun really begins when we get colourful: gorgeous sapphire is available in so many unexpected colours, and beryls, like emerald or aquamarine, are always one of a kind and are always eye catching. Unexpected colourful stones are perfect for someone that is creative and who favours bright and fun over neutral and refined. 

Opt for an unexpected shape

Photos featuring our Cypres Ring, our Cosette Ring, and Midwinter Co.

We love a gorgeous pear cut stone, or a sleek marquise, or a high fashion baguette. Opting for a statement cut ensures the uniqueness of the engagement ring—even though more creative cut stones are beautiful, people tend to play it safe. So if your partner is more a bird of paradise than a bird of prey, consider snapping up a statement engagement ring to match their brilliant plumage. We love this option because you can find really beautiful and complex shapes in a ring's full setting, as well, as in our Cosette Ring. The centre stone is oval, but is encircled by a crisp diamond halo and tiny fleur-de-lis inspired accents. 

Amp up the size

Big engagement rings

Photos from Fashion Ambitions, our Adah Ring, and from EidelPrecious.

One way to ensure an eye catching ring is to go big. This is not always an option, because as you can imagine, as a stone gets bigger, so too does the price tag. But this opens up if you're considering a non-diamond engagement ring: beryls are much more affordable than natural diamonds, for example. If you are hung up on diamonds, as many of us are, work with your jeweller to find the right intersection of the four Cs for your budget. The four Cs are the universal method of measuring of a diamond's quality, in terms of its cut, clarity, clarity, and carat weight. If you opt for a diamond with an ideal cut, you can likely save some cash by allowing more inclusions, or a worse clarity, because most of these inclusions are microscopic and cannot be seen by the eye anyways. Similarly, with an ideal cut, you can sacrifice a bit of colouring in the diamond as this likely will never be detectable. 

Go for a set

Ring enhancer sets

Photos from Anueva Jewelry, Marrow Fine, and SillyShinyDiamonds (ha!).

If you want to purchase a statement engagement ring but are nervous about the commitment to a fluorescent pink baguette cut 2 carat monster, consider buying an engagement ring and wedding band set which will allow your partner to flourish in a more malleable way. Purchasing a wedding band set which complements the engagement ring allows for a very dramatic arrangement which is extremely eye catching and unique, but it can also be swapped out. Some couples might opt for a dramatic ring set when they first get married, but at their five or ten year anniversary, could opt to replace the wedding band with something more subdued. This is less costly than swapping out the complete engagement ring at an anniversary, and of course, is often easier than letting go of the ring that started it all, so to speak.

We have had the pleasure of helping heaps of couples find their dream engagement rings since we began business almost ten years ago. The couples that are the happiest and most excited about their ring are the ones that feel like the ring truly represents their love and the person who will be wearing it. So don't be afraid to inquire about more idiosyncratic or statement making rings just because they may not look like the rings you see often on social media. They might be perfect for you and your partner.

xo Evorden

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