Gold Buying

We are happy to buy gold back from you if you no longer want your jewellery. We love to up-cycle our materials as part of our commitment to ethically made goods!

We buy gold according to the highest payout price that is offered in Vancouver, but please note that the price of gold changes at least daily, and even by the minute, as the market shifts. This is the standard we use to guide our purchases.

We are happy to take a look at your gold, but please be aware that we do not guarantee we will purchase all gold that is brought to us. The quality of the metal must satisfy the high standards of our lead jeweller to be purchased.

Should we decide to purchase the gold you bring to us, you will be paid according to the current market rate by cheque.

Please book an appointment with our lead jeweller by emailing to bring your gold in. We are happy to waive the usual consulting fee for this appointment type.

If you have any questions about these services, or aren’t sure if we offer the service you need, please get in touch! We will be very happy to assist you.