Custom Designs

We are more than happy to accommodate custom ring inquiries!


We love that you have an idea for a one of a kind, totally unique-to-you ring and are eager to help you create it. Often, we can source particular gemstones, such as coloured or raw diamonds, and we are happy to collaborate with you to create an entirely new custom design. Tell us what you've got in mind, and let's work some magic!


The most common requests have been (but not limited to, of course!): create a matching wedding band to an engagement ring, recreate a vintage piece, or create a ring from combining aspects of few different rings.


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Custom Ring Production Process: 

Over the course of a few weeks, we will meet and collaborate to create your perfect ring.

First, you'll need to make a ring consultation appointment at our showroom, or send us a detailed email of the ring you're imagining. We can be reached for such inquiries at

On the day of your appointment, you will bring all of your ideas to our ring consultant, and together will decide on the specifics of the ring and how we can accommodate your design. We have heaps of expertise (and lots of handy charts!) on hand which can help you decide on gemstones, stone quality, and setting designs to help with your decision.

In the week following your consultation, we will provide a quote for your design. Along with the quote, we will include a few options for variations on your ring which we think might be valuable to your decision.

When your dream design has your stamp of approval, and payment completed, the work on your perfect ring will begin! We will source your materials and design your ring in our 3D rendering software. During this time, we will seek your approval at each stage of the process so that you are well informed and absolutely in love with the sourced materials and final design. 


Here is a 3D rendered image of a diamond wedding band that a customer wanted to match her engagement ring exactly. 


When we have your approval, the ring will be created! Metals will be cast and stones will be set by our supremely talented team. When your ring is ready, we'll share photos with you via email for a little sneak peek. 

Then, we'll send your ring off in the mail! Or, if you're local, you can come pick it up in person as soon as it's ready to go.

The following images show the finished product of the 3D rendered image from above. The customer was ecstatic!