Meet Himi, Co-Owner, Production Manager, and Goldsmith

Hello! We're back from our busy production season with another installation of Meet the Team! We're happy to introduce Himi, Evorden's co-owner, production manager, and goldsmith. Himi co-founded our sister brand, Davie & Chiyo, with her human sister Fumi almost ten years ago. What a ride it's been!
Evorden: Tell us about yourself!
Himi: I've been making jewelry for ten years. I am entirely self taught—I had been interested in making my own pieces for quite some time before I decided to dive into the world of YouTube instructional videos. A decade later, here we are! It's a dream to be goldsmithing at a company I share with my sister, Fumi.
The Rianne Ring
Photos of the Rianne Ring by Santiago de Hoyos.
Evorden: Why did you decide to launch Evorden?
Himi: Because diamonds and gold are the best things ever! Why wouldn't I want to launch this awesome brand?
I wanted to expand Davie & Chiyo's ring offerings so we really could create something for everyone. We were limited in the size of the collections we could reasonably put out under that umbrella. This way, we can share way more of our designs with the world.
Personally, I also have always really disliked the standard mall jewelry store approach to buying engagement rings and wedding bands. It all has always felt so cookie cutter to me, which is so boring and can be very impersonal! That's why we were sure to build in custom work and unique pieces into our business model. We could create custom rings for every single customer and be absolutely thrilled!
Evorden: What is your role at Evorden?
Himi: I am the production manager and the goldsmith. I oversee buying, sourcing, design, and production. It's several hats to wear all at once, but I really love being involved with the process from start to finish. It's very special to help someone design a ring and then actually fabricate it myself. 
Photos of the Adah Ring by Santiago de Hoyos.
Evorden: What is your favourite gemstone? What is your favourite style of ring?
Himi: I really love yellow sapphire right now! If you couldn't tell already, I love anything that feels unexpected and unique to me. My favourite style of ring is a vintage inspired halo at the moment. I really like the romance of it.
Evorden: What's your favourite product offered by Evorden right now? What sort of band would you pair with it? 
Himi: Definitely the Vara Ring! Vara closely embodies that old world vintage romance that I love. The centre stone is a rich, gorgeous round cut aquamarine, and it's encircled by a handful of tiny diamonds, so it really sparkles. I love the yellow gold setting too! It really calls up the Belle Époque for me, which might be the era I draw the most inspiration from. I don't think I would pair this with any wedding band! That may be controversial, but it's just what feels right to me.
Aurora Ring
Photos of the Josephine Ring by Santiago de Hoyos.
Evorden: What is your best tip you could offer when it comes to buying engagement rings? Or wedding bands?
Himi: When you're approaching buying an engagement ring or a wedding band, keep one thing in mind: this ring will be on your finger forever. For the rest of your life. You need to be sure that you are comfortable wearing it, and that you're happy and proud of how it looks and how it makes you feel. It's an exciting time, but you have to take a pause and do your research. Always ask questions. If ethical production is important to you, for example, ask a prospective jeweller about their standards to be sure they align with yours. Make sure that you are totally comfortable with your vendor, and that you feel like you can express displeasure if you're not happy with something.
Seriously. It's worth the extra time and effort. Remember: it's going to be on your finger forever.


Chelsie Groves

Beautiful work!

Abby Cavell

I am kicking myself for not discovering your store sooner. Your rings are unique and has that take your breath away look. I have a lot of friends that are getting engaged soon and I always recommend they check your site out!

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