Meet Daisy, Customer Service and Social Media Coordinator

Hi again! We've had a great time getting to know you, our customers, since our launch. We've made some matches that we are deeply proud of and have recently launched some brand new (to us!) vintage rings! We wanted to introduce you to our team, too, so before you take the leap and get in touch or purchase a ring, you can have an idea what we're like. 
This is your chance to meet Daisy (on the internet), our wonderful customer service genie and social media coordinator. Daisy recently left on a multi-month trip back to England and through Spain, and we miss her so much! She is still working from the road—though somehow, answering customer service emails over Spanish coffees in a centuries old village certainly does seem better than sitting in the office all day... 
Meet Daisy!
Featuring the Daisy Ring, shot by Santiago de Hoyos.
Evorden: Tell us about yourself! How did you come to work at Evorden? What is your background like? 
Daisy: I moved to Vancouver from London (UK) to try something new and totally fell in love with the city. My background is in costume and fashion styling. After working on some bridal catwalks, I caught the bug and wanted to work in the industry and that's when I found Davie & Chiyo and Evorden. 
Evorden: Can you tell us about your role here?
Daisy: I am a jack of all trades in the office. I take care of customer service and appointments, and I coordinate all of Evorden's social media.
I really enjoy putting my background in costume design to work too, so I love styling our products for shoots, and helping Himi, our goldsmith, with designing new rings.
Evorden: What's your favourite product offered by Evorden right now? How would you style it? 
Daisy: I love the Daisy ring (yes, named for yours truly). It's an art-deco inspired ring with so many different cuts of stone and plenty of bling! It's perfect for a modern girl with a vintage taste, just like me. I would have choose a peach sapphire or fire opal for the centre stone! This ring doesn't pair easily with a wedding band so I would either design a custom band or pick something plain and not necessarily wear them together. It's not very traditional, but I still want to have two rings (haha!).
Featuring the Daisy Ring, shot by Santiago de Hoyos.
Evorden: Do you prefer vintage or new rings? Why? 
Daisy: I really love the vintage rings, but I have to admit my favourite is the new collection. This is partly because I helped with the design and development of the new styles (so they're pretty much made for me to love them). That said, I also love our new and made to order rings which are decidedly vintage inspired.
Evorden: What is your favourite gemstone, and why? What do you look for in an amazing gem?
Daisy: I absolutely love sapphires. They come in so many amazing colours, and they are a 9 on the MOH hardness scale (beautiful and strong!). I look for colour first and foremost. I love finding and sourcing unique colours like teal and peach—especially when designing custom rings, you want to find something that you know none of your friends will have.
Evorden: What is your best tip you could offer when it comes to buying engagement rings? 
Daisy: Pick something that you love but also plan for the future. Pick something you think you will still like 50 years down the road. 
We love Daisy for her amazing style and her warmth and talent around the office. We miss her, and can't wait til she gets back! If you want help styling your engagement rings, just send @myevorden a message on Instagram!



I love your name and I LOVE the way you handle social media. your feed and content is beautiful.

Sarah Blough

Daisy has been so helpful!

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